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Writing could be a daunting task, if you have some other priorities; we can take the burden off you. Whether you are a pro or novice, we can write for you with an expert touch. We collaborate with businesses for their written communication and we also write for individuals.

We also teach English to speakers of other languages (TESOL)

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We are in business for your writing and editing consultation. Our services cover ghostwriting for Management Communication and Creative Writings in all genres. We have mastered our craft, so that we can be of service to you.

We also teach English Language to speakers of  other languages (TESOL). Take advantage of our online classes and notes.

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professional duty

When it comes to writing, do you know how many people are winging it? Almost everyone!  Whether it is a simple business letter or a hefty annual report, poor writing looks bad for the organization, and it really looks bad for the person behind it.This is why we have mastered the craft of writing to proffer a solution.

Content Writing

Our job is to transform disorganized thoughts and texts into a great and polished document. Our work enhances readability and attracts the kind of audience that you want.


Biography, Autobiography, Non-fiction, Fiction, Memoir, Family History, Executive Communication, Blog Writing and more. We have you covered.

Speech Writing

Engage us for writing your speeches for any event. We will make you shine! Be you a bridesmaid, groomsman, statesman, event chairperson & more.

Our Content

Yoruba Proverbs

1a. Àbíjọ ni a nmọ ìtan 1b. Physical resemblance reveals relatives 2a. Àbí ìkọ́, àkọ́ ìgbọ́, òde ni wọ́n tií nkọ́ ọgbọ́n wálé 2b. Untrained

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