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All is vanity
I was poor
Hoping to be rich someday
I looked at the attractive food
I wish they were in my mouth
I saw the beautiful clothes in the market
I wish I could buy them
I wish I could patronize a boutique
I wish I could ride the best of cars
I wish I could move with the upper class
I wish I could donate huge sums at occasion
I wish I could travel around the world
I wish I could wake up at anytime I like
I wish I could send people on errands
I wish I could command respect everywhere
I wish I could help the helpless

Now I have some cash at hand
I wish I have more
I then looked around
My taste suddenly changed
I started pointing at more expensive things
I need more money
As more money came, so my problems increased
Things I can do before, I cannot do again
Places I could go before without any concern, I started having concern for safety and ego

All indeed is vanity
I look at the son of a rich man
Never has he entered a public transport
Cannot walk on the street
Goes out with people that are accountable for him
If he falls, the driver must fall with him
The senior houseboy must fall with him
Many people are responsible for his existence
This son of a rich man crave so hard for freedom
He wishes he could walk on the street with other children
He wishes he could have some experiences that the poor have
All is vanity.

All is indeed vanity
We run helter and skelter daily to get money
And meet people
At the same time, money will not bring happiness
I wonder why we run after what will not bring us happiness
If you are poor, you will feed with fleas
If you are rich, your problem increases
We struggle to build relationships
Averagely, it is believed that fulfillment is in people
People are cruel and selfish
There is a monster in everyman
The kindness of man is synonymous to the selfishness of man
There is always a means to an end
Why do we then run after relationships when it will always bring hurts?

All is vanity
No pain without gain
Love and expect a heart break
Eat well and catch an ailment
Feed less and catch an ailment

Sometimes poverty could be a good control
A poor man will find it difficult to have a concubine
Let alone a second wife
Poverty makes one eat less and stay healthy
Take a spoon of milk twice in a week and stay healthy
Riches make one take a tin of milk morning and night
Inviting an ailment
Poverty makes one take egg once in a week, staying healthy the hard way
Riches make one take four eggs at a meal, dying slowly
All is vanity

He struggled so hard to learn seven foreign languages
He is so proud of himself that he writes in the seven languages
He is also a professor
At retirement, he asked himself: ‘Why did I go through all the stress when I know I will retire someday’?
What if I had stepped on many toes in the attempt of achieving all.
Now my desire is to return to the farm
If I was told to stay in the farm early in life,
I would have described it as miserable
All is vanity

She says, there was a time she lacked so well that she could not feed herself
She could not buy clothes and she lacked shelter
Now she has enough and wondered why she cried so hard then
Why was she moody and bitter then
Life is so simple and short
But only a few understands this fact
I feared not to be a failure
What is failure? I think it is a perception
Life is beautiful and unfair
All fingers are not equal so they say.
All is vanity.

Vanity over vanity all is vanity
Living a day at a time will do
Nothing is to be worried about
Temptation to worry can be cured
Write it and put under the pillow
After two weeks visit it
For long term problems
Write, keep and visit after a long time
The outcome will be smiles
All is vanity.

Contentment makes life meaningful
Always thinking I am in the middle
Some are better off, some are worse off
Expect the worst and hope for the best
Happy endings comes with hope
Life is too simple to be difficult
Life is too short to be little
Life is too beautiful to be complex
Loving is living
Living without love is emptiness

What does an insane man knows
He does not even care if he is dirty or clean
If he feeds or not
If he is healthy or not
He does not have enemies
All around him are friends
Even when a mad man throws stones, he smiles
All is vanity.

Gathering wealth, acquiring riches
Not knowing when the end will come
It could be in the next second
It could be in the next hour
The end of a man could come at anytime
Carefulness cannot prevent it when it comes
Riches cannot prevent it when it comes
Poverty cannot stop it when it comes
Time and chance happens to all

 He bought a brand new car

Driven by an experienced driver
The brake failed and the accident occurred
Who do we blame?
The brand new car?
The experienced driver?
The rich man that used his money to buy his death?
Time and chance

She built a mighty mansion
Has fleet of cars
Has healthy children
Has many servants
She stocked her ward-robe with expensive clothes
She stocked her kitchen with the choice food
Fire came by accident and exhausted all, including flesh and blood
Do we blame Fire?
I wonder why we strive so hard to be the best and leave our lives in the hands of people that know less
We sometimes think we cannot do without them
Time and chance happens to all.

The end of a man comes anytime
Whether he goes out or not
It can happen outside or inside
Whether he mixes with people or not
Whether he is famous or a pauper
Whether he is kind or wicked
It is a due everyone must pay.
All is vanity

All is vanity
Happiness is recommended regardless of the situation
Kindness is required regardless of the circumstance
Attitude is a key to successful living, stay positive
Courage is vital for survival
Belief is great
Live a day at a time, the end has no remote control
No condition stays forever
Every condition is a passing phase
Every passing phase teaches a lesson
Every lesson is for advancement
Every advancement should be to the glory of humanity and the fate of the posterity
All is vanity!

All is vanity
I smile and say it again
All is vanity
Life is meant to be enjoyed regardless
Fulfillment is a thing of the mind
Nothing brings it because it is a state of the mind
Not even riches
Neither children nor friends
Stay fulfilled, enjoy life and expect the end!

Gbemi Ibrahim

Gbemi Ibrahim

Gbemi has worked as a ghostwriter for well over ten years and counting. She is a pro in business and executive communication. More so, she has a mastery of creative writing and making a polished document out of disorganized thoughts and ideas.

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Gbemi Ibrahim

Gbemi Ibrahim

Gbemi has worked as a ghostwriter for well over ten years and counting. She is a pro in business and executive communication. More so, she has a mastery of creative writing and making a polished document out of disorganized thoughts and ideas.

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